Yes, there would be customers who would purchase these tests, but most sane people would never waste $$$ when they are not even sick, but your government will. And they will test you and declare you positive for disease even though you are not sick. Why? – well haven’t you heard we have a pandemic. You should be sick. People should be dropping left and right in front of you. If you don’t see that, maybe we can create the allusion for you. We need you fearful. We can control you this way. After all we do have another election coming. And we have all this “vaccine” that we also invested untold Billions of dollars into that we used to make many of us rich. These vaccines must be sold as well.

Call me a skeptic. Call me a fool. Call me what you will, but I have seen and tried to help find the truth on all this right from the beginning in March of 2020. Most of you have learned along with me, but far too many still fear, and as I told you then — that is not of God.

Inside Biden’s $53 Billion Dollar COVID Testing Scam