I’m listening to the news on Newsmax last night, Salcedo Show, where Salcedo is interviewing Kari Lake the Gubernatorial candidate in Arizona’s 2022 State election. When I heard her speak, I looked at Ellen, and said “how refreshing to hear truth and straight answers”. And then I thought about that fact, and I realized that we have Donald Trump to thank for these straight answers that I hear coming from so many Conservative politicians today. No wonder the Deep State hated him, and still so hate his followers. We actually love the truth. We love this country that God gave us, and the right to speak our mind. And we as Americans may just be once again willing to fight for these freedoms. If that is not refreshing I don’t know what is.

I don’t like racially slanted speech, but neither do I like being called a hypocrite for supporting Donald Trump, but progressives don’t mind calling me that.

That being the case I have every right to do the same. If we are willing to give others the right and freedom to call us White Supremacist, just because we are white; then I will speak my mind concerning LBGTQ or whatever, letting them know that that lifestyle is hated by God, but they themselves are not, and should they seek His forgiveness He will cleanse them of their sin just as He will me of mine, and we can live as brothers and sisters in Christ. And I will have no problem telling Muslims that their God is not the God of the Torah and the Bible, who founded this country, and that they until they take over the Congress of this country have no right to expect us to grant them Sharia law to live their lives by and terrorize their families with.

Until we step up and exercise our freedom as others unlike us do, our freedom continues to be in jeopardy.

We are free in Christ to preach the gospel, and that we must do even if it costs us our lives.