To think about this question is certainly troubling when it’s answer is viewed with the understanding of Scripture in mind. It’s becoming cliché to say that “this years election is the most important ever”, but it will be telling as to whether or not the progressives are still able to steal important seats in Congress. Because we know based upon the polls that there is no way they will keep power if we have fair elections.

I am thinking that we will know where God is with reguard to His judgment or His blessing of America and even upon the world. Or, stated another way in terms of His timeline for this country and the survival of freedoms in this world, can all be based upon this election result?

It is my current belief that so long as The U.S. is kept standing in freedom that Biblical endtime events will not completely converge. If the election is not won in such a way so as to stem the tide of evil that is currently sweeping the land; then that fact will be very telling indeed.

The stealing of an election was very evident in 2020. And it was disturbing that little of consequence has yet been done by the States involved. If there is a steal of the Congress in 2022, then the overturn of government will be complete. A total one party control where Big business and a WOKE media will control the narrative in that one parties favor. This would be our greatest danger of a total loss of freedom of thought and speech in this Nation. If it comes even the voters who made possible it’s coming will rue the day it happened.

There is much talk today about an act of God directed toward the overthrow of evil in this season of time. There is little talk of the church experiencing tribulation as a lead up to that event, which event in scripture is depicted as an outpouring of God’s wrath against all that is evil in this world. In 2015 and 16, I wrote the book and started this blog following its publication. I did that in order to give any who would listen the scriptural reasons to expect as a church to see what Jesus referred to as Great Tribulation before evil will be wiped from the earth.

What we are seeing today could be the lead up to that time. We can only know that based upon what God does allow or does restrain in these present days.

I do not see any possibility that there is a scriptural teaching that evil can be eradicated from earth apart from The Second Coming of Jesus to this earth.

Neither do I see based upon scripture any compelling reason to expect a rapture before that coming. There are many reasons given for a pre-Trib Rapture, but each of them fails under the scrutiny of Scripture, as I describe throughout the articles posted that are focused on the Rapture.

Tomorrow I will be posting a Scriptural scenario on the outpouring of Gods wrath when it does come.