Let’s forget for this moment that there is actual evidence to the theft of that election.

Joe Biden actually made the stealing of elections credible when he brought into question the potential theft of the 2022 election just this past week.

“On Sunday, January 24, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) opened his mouth and inserted his foot on ABC’s “This Week.” Host Martha Raddatz asked Coons to define how Republican laws suppress minority voters. The answer was both telling and shocking.

Coons said the evidence of GOP voter suppression was overwhelming. Are you ready for it? Here it is:

• Rollback of ballot drop boxes

• Elimination of 24-hour drive-through voting

• Rollback of access to ballot boxes for the medically vulnerable

Coons alleged that the states made it much easier for people to vote in 2020.”

Quote taken from:

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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If you are an honest broker in this discussion there are things that you must admit. First the things done in the 2020 election did make it much easier to cheat. Then you also must admit that not one of these issues raised in any way suppresses the vote for anyone, minority or otherwise. Not if one really wants to vote. So the effort is still being pursued by progressives to continue providing that same avenues for cheating in 2022. If this is the best one can come up with concerning minority suppressed voting; then one must admit this “right to cheat” motive behind the liberalizing of ballot submissions, and it didn’t take some genius to determine that that reason is continuing.

Ballot harvesting has always been against the law for very good reasons. The main one being to prevent cheating.

Ballot drop boxes and 24 hour voting opened that door for illegal ballot submission. And godless people who have no scruples, except to win at any cost, walked right through it. This was made easy even without being combined with the other changes made in the swing states, where signatures on ballots were not being verified, and poll watchers were kept away from the counting.

The fact that a certain political party wants what contributes to cheating made legal, certainly does not help the case against cheating in the 2020 election.

A Judge in Wisconsin (a swings State) ruled, in January of this year, that elected officials did not have the authority to place the drop boxes, which had been placed in that state for the 2020 election.

Other litigation as well as forensic audits are either ongoing or pending in every swing state.

Computerized Voter machines have been questioned ever since they were introduced to the public. And there is good reason for doing so even beyond what is shown here in a 2000 State congressional hearing. Voter machine fraud will occur again if these machines are used in 2022.


The above video was proof of voting machine fraud. And if those wanting the destruction of this republic are given the chance again in 2022, they will not just turn in ballots voting for only one candidate, but for every congressional Senate and House seat on the ballot. Once they have total control everything that they are now attempting in order to take total control over America and our constitution will be accomplished. State Representatives must be pushed to protect every vote from fraud.