You, could probably get many answers to that question. It would depend on the doctrine of the one answering. But let me suggest to you that it just may be. We know that the Temple is important according to Paul in the end time scenario. We know that sacrifices are involved in end time events. We know that Priests and red heifers; and other artifacts are important, so we might also conclude that the Ark of the Covenant is also an important find. I have known the Ron Wyatt story for almost two decades, but have never written or posted on this subject before. There was a lot of criticism of Ron over the Ark, but for a man to dedicate years of his time to its discovery seems to me important. There are Christian’s who don’t like me either, and What I do is not nearly so important as what he has done for establishing Biblical truth. He discovered Red Sea chariots and established the crossing location for the exodus. He is a man of God. I don’t necessarily agree with the entirety of his doctrine, but we are none perfect in this life. What I am sharing today is amazing. And I could have written about this myself, but this article that I’m sharing is really well done. So enjoy.