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Don’t know if you have seen this interview, but it presents a theory that I had not yet heard concerning why things are being allowed to develop as they are, at least in the United States.

I have previously considered myself, as have a few others, the theory that leaders have decided that older people just simply cost too much in health care to keep around. The difficulty with this being the cause of the insanity is the enormous costs associated with treating CoVid patients, and most of them do recover. On the other hand it is obvious that millions of older and younger compromised patients

could have been eliminated had the entire country followed the plan to place all sick people in the Nursing Homes “to recover” and that without proper treatment, as was done in New York, and a couple of other states.

But back to the interview at hand. What Dr Martin is suggesting goes to the heart of the nature and problem with politics in the U.S. and throughout the free world. Electability is dependent on the media and the funding. And the legal and even illegal drug industry which has a total grip on such in the free world. Added to this is the unwillingness of politicians to address the issues such as Social Security funding, when they still are able to solve those issues. Out of this comes his theory which involves even Trump, and is diabolical and entirely possible, and could explain why the entire countries leadership and media which is largely funded by big Pharma seems to have lost its mind.

He calls it theory, but knowing the facts and human nature cupeled with the spiritual evil influencing our world today; then this theory becomes entirely possible. One thing is certain. David Martin is loaded with knowledge surrounding all of this and he is an excellent presenter. This interview on Man in America is well worth the listen: