The antithesis of this title is: Why do we all want to believe good news? Let’s take the vaccine for example. When Trump announced that they would have a vaccine early on that was really hope for us all. Well not, for all. It wasn’t initially good news for Trump’s political opponents. Otherwise— It was good news. Most people jumped at this. Even Trump’s political opponents once the election was over jumped to the conclusion that it was good news. I was happy about this vaccine. But, perhaps, because I am a researcher and have many good contacts, I began to hear negative things coming out from those, who had information and were telling what they thought be the rest of the story.

When you research you really don’t buy into anything — at least not right away. You begin to formulate questions and seek for answers to those questions.

If your answers lead you to consider what had seemed to be good news — but that is instead really — bad news — if it is followed; then just because of human nature, you have an uphill battle especially if you intend to share your findings in the form of warnings. Those who initially buy into the good news mostly just don’t want to hear that they were wrong in so doing. And as I’ve already stated: who really wants bad news?

But want it or not Trump was wrong in the way he introduced these vaccines. Hindsight tells us that. He should have made clear that the vaccines would be experimental and only taken on a voluntary basis. He did not and therefore he may be the tip of the spear, if and when what certainly seems to be the real truth comes out concerning the impact of these vaccines on our health as human beings. Informed consent is extremely important in a free world. You are told the risks, and you make your decision. We sign papers all the time on medical issues relieving Drs and Hospitals of responsibility for things that can go wrong medically in a procedure, and we weigh those risks against what we are told of the risks if we don’t take the med, or have the procedure. People make these decisions every day.

We are given paperwork with every Perscription telling us what to look for as potential side effects. So let me just ask you: did you get any of this with your vaccine? If not it’s because there is no liability should you drop dead from it; or should you be permanently injured from the content. The liability was waived because it is experimental. There should therefore be no reason to force you to take such a shot. It should be your decision to do so. So why then are they trying to make it out to be otherwise. Why are we being bullied to take an experimental shot? The real reason is because those who do this are either evil and sinister; political and just don’t care about you; or they for some uninformed reason still think this to be good news.

For me there are too many unanswered questions to just take one or more of these shots on faith that Fauci, who likely has never treated a patient, has my back. And these Pfizer trial results should raise many more questions. Yet most are still stuck in their desire for good news, any good news.

This is a virus that has a risk of death in the worst age group of 5%. Children have almost no risk of death. Read these trial results and weigh the risk people. 2.9% died in these trials within the first 4 months from the very beginning of the trials. The question is unanswered as to just how many will die in the future from the effects of these shots on the immune system. And as I have stated in the past, Trump will eventually get the blame for rushing them through.