What if all the things that certain Drs and virologists are saying about the effects on the immune system turn out to be correct concerning the long term outcome for these drugs? What if the changes made in the blood cells, which cause early clotting actually cause other organ failures — cancers and other organ deceases — there is concern for these shots creating long term effects, what if those concerns are true?

Our military has been ordered to undergo whatever number of shots is necessary to achieve a now unknown state of full vaccination. Many are resisting, even if it means leaving the military. Others comply. Many conservative patriotic freedom loving young men and women who had planned and looked forward to a military career will now not enter any service.

What if, Sickness and chronic disease enter the soldiers of our future, and what if what has always kept this country free — the strength and might of our military just is no longer the strength behind our freedom? What if this fact just becomes a thing other nations come to see as opportunity?

What if this CoVid virus was created in the Wuhan Lab as almost certainly now seems to be the case? What if it was created as a bio-weapon, as some are saying? What if the medications effective against this body invading virus have stopped the virus spread in China, and what if the banning of these effective drugs in America is part of a long term plan by enemies of this country, some of whom are within our borders, some in our government, who are bought and paid for by China?

All of this early on was considered conspiracy theory, yet the more we learn as time passes, the more these “what ifs” become stronger and stronger possibilities.

What if the hatred of one Donald Trump has blinded the media and many of our governments leaders, and at least half of our population to what China really intends to do with America?

What if all of this and much more that we see happening today is working to cause One World Government advocates around the world to move forward with their plans? — Enabling them to see an opportunity to begin the set up of that structure, which could lead to UN domination and the end of most Nation States.

These “what if’s” are all possibilities because God has seen such an end, which these what if’s — if true — might actually cause to bring an end to this human age. You can read a similar scenario about it in the book of the Revelation.

There is listed there one nation that might just survive this order as a nation. It resembles Communist China. The nation recorded there we are told is being from the East, and it is able to mount a two hundred million man army to come against the Antichrist’s position in the final war of Armageddon which occurs just before our Lord returns.

So — Do you know Jesus as the Lord of your life?

His payment for your sins is still being offered to a world gone mad.

PS. If you read yesterdays post; then you know that the “what if’s” should be “now that’s”.