Doctor Nagase gives the scientific reasons why you and I should be sickened by what is happening to our friends and family members. I have little ones in my family whom I could not protect from this injection of what is a poison that does most certainly kill.

I am sickened by this evil of neglect with some, and in many cases intended dereliction in the scientific and medical and political fields. The video attached here is a must see. The explanation following by Dr Mark Trozzi is excellent.

One further point then I’ll let you get to it. There is now talk of Nuremberg type trials due to the criminal nature of people who obviously know better. Nuremberg trials occurred when one nation was seen going mad by the rest of the world. What happens when almost the entire worlds leadership has gone mad, who will hold the worlds tyrants accountable? Only God can inspire the awakening needed to undertake such an action. What is happening is definitely criminal.

Dr Nagase Exposes Pfizer, Criminal Canadian Officials, Child Sacrifice, and more