How is it that today’s free thinking societies are suddenly being overtaken by Rulers, who are simply ignoring the freedoms that these populations love?

How is it that the masses are accepting what’s happening before them; when they in general scoff at the Biblical predictions of a coming society that is to be ruled by a tyrannical ruler, who basically enslaves everyone except those willing to stand against the tyranny and if need be even die for their faith in Christ ?

Yet, here we are observing Tyranny in process, and most seem to just accept it. This rise of tyrannical proponents of anti-freedom tactics, will they end up in almost complete control of “these free thinking” masses? If so, it will most certainly be because of the fear that they have had instilled in them.

Will the tyrants methods take on different forms, setting up different crises to instill further fears?

Will the methods continue to work? The Bible says they will one day. What might slow their coming upon us today? Perhaps nothing; because the Omniscient God of the Bible has already seen that men will yield in sheep like fashion to the events of last days tyrants. Fear is thus far allowing the manipulation of unbelievers, and even effecting the WOKE elements of the Christian church.

On the one hand, there is the possibility that most Christian believers in Scripture really don’t or can’t accept what is happening as impacting them or their families. Many either don’t believe these events align with their understanding of the times, because their taught prophetic beliefs are postmillennial; or on the other hand many others do believe this to be the time prophesied, but it is not meant for them, because they are taught to be pre-Trib believers, and therefore they are taught to believe that the real Tyranny that is sure to come will somehow elude them.

So if God in His Omniscience knows that we have come to a time when all opposition will fail to resist this final tyranny; then does that mean that we cannot delay what He has already seen? The answer to that would be yes. But should we somehow succeed in convincing our brothers and sisters to awaken and by some miracle manage to join in delaying what is coming by opposing the Tyrants; then would that fact not also already be known by God. So why do I point this out? — I think it’s because I truly believe that God Has given man free will to choose to go the way of the world, or to stand in opposition to the sinful ways of the world. It is my firm belief that we can only trust God to stand with us if we willingly stand for and with Him. God never allowed Israel’s defeat unless and until His word was rejected by His chosen leaders in His chosen nation. Israel was chosen to spread word of Him. She could only do that so long as She believed as a people and acted upon that word herself.

Many believe that the United States was chosen in that same vain. Many of those who went before us in our founding were forced out of Europe after the Gospel made its impact on these westernized now Christian people, who had awakened in their own day to flee the tyrants over them. That part of the Church fleeing to America their new home, were then forged in the fires of the European opposition to what was happening at the time surrounding them.

American Christians today, having participated in the spread of the gospel far and wide, do now stand on the precipice of eternities future. Imagine yourself standing at that edge, where the onrush of the hordes of mankind are rushing to push through your worldview to a place that will carry them into the very grips of Satan’s control. Will you warn them, and win some as you do? Will you risk being pushed over the precipice to a sure death, because of their rejection? Or, Potentially you could just give in to them and be carried along into the arms of Satan as well.

Our destiny may depend on just how many of us will invoke the armies of the Lord to stand with us to turn back this onrushing horde.

The latter move I tend to believe is our only hope to hold back the coming of the Tribulation that Jesus told us will surely come. But, anything short of the Church cooperating in the Spiritual battle that is raging in the heavens will bring about the day when God directs Michael to stand aside and the earth dweller will be completely given over to a reprobate mind, and thus they will have succeeded in pushing through to Satan’s total control — though temporary it will be. Our resistance if successful can only delay these coming events, because they are written within the prophetic word of Scripture.

One thing we must remember: when these times do come, they will produce the birth pangs necessary for the birthing of the Millennial Kingdom of our savior. To that end we must join the Apostle John when he wrote these words: “even so come Lord Jesus”.

These prophesies concerning end times, coupled with what I see happening in what was once “the land of the free”, together are what inspired this post?