Interestingly Conservative Republicans and Democrats prove more thoughtful concerning their health than do liberal Republicans and Democrats.

Think about it. Before Biden Trump was maligned for introducing a vaccine so quickly. Liberals stated they would never take a vaccine produced under a Trump Administration. At that time many conservatives including myself questioned the safety of a vaccine produced so quickly without being adequately tested.

The liberals had a different reason obviously for their objections. They were political and anti Trump. This is proven by the sudden switch in position on the vaccines by the liberals, for as soon as Biden was declared victor in the Presidential Election of 2020. It is liberals who are today fully vaccinated. It is Republican conservatives and right leaning Democrats and Independents who today resist vaccination.

It is true that more Democrats are abandoning their stance which must have been purely political and they are now reconsidering by reason of what they see happening. We can conclude this because of the move away from the boosters by previously vaccinated Democrats. These Democrats are now becoming resistant to further compliance. They will no longer be fully vaccinated without the booster. Expect the numbers of fully vaccinated to decrease.

Reason may actually win out and help defeat this madness. CDC reported CoVid deaths are actually more in 2021; than they were in 2020. Vaccination is somewhere between 40% and 80% depending on who is reporting. People are actually resisting going to Hospital, because that is where deaths occur. People are learning how to effectively treat CoVid at home. They are finding work arounds for acquiring proper meds. American Ingenuity seems to be once again at work.

So now the question is —will we once again allow the State governments to defraud us in the 22 Elections by again using CoVid as an excuse for mail in voting in 2022. That would seem to be the only logical reason for the Biden Administration to keep the pandemic going, when all the evidence points to a very low death toll from the infected.

This is certainly the main driver behind the continuing push to have CoVid in the forefront of the fear mongering in the News Cycle, at a time when there are much more serious crises. Consider the Border; the attack on our students from Critical Race Theory, and the illogical unscientific transgender teaching. Allowing such teaching to go unchecked over the past two decades has produced an entire segment of our population who are ready to dismantle the entire American way of life.

Following is a sample of what is learned from the attached article, but you must read to its end to understand how it supports the conclusions I make in this article.

“There is also emerging evidence of a widening partisan gap among Americans choosing to get a booster shot. The Kaiser Family Foundation on Thursday reported that 32 percent of vaccinated Democrats have received a booster shot, compared with 21 percent of independents and 18 percent of Republicans. Meanwhile, 31 percent of fully vaccinated Republicans said they definitely or probably would not get a booster shot.”