For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 KJ21

Who are these rulers in our day and what is their agenda? What we do know about evil is that it is wrapped in deception. It involves the control over others. It is opposed to individual freedom. It is opposed to God. It will use any means to gain control and wealth.

Up until this century the United Sates was believed to in many ways be a deterrent to evil in this world. However, we have become aware of the powerful entities within our own countries business leaders, as well as in our Government, which are both now being involved with the Agenda supporting these rulers of the darkness in high places. Trump’s presidency, weather you loved him or hated him, was the catalyst to the discovery of the extent of the evil that walks among us.

The other hindering of evil is to be the Church. Scripture tells us that we are to gather together and do spiritual battle with the spiritual forces that are behind these rulers in high places. And we are to especially gather as “that day approaches”, and we find ourselves advancing toward the evil day.

A church that believes that it won’t be faced with this evil could be in trouble. There are two reasons for this potential thinking today within the majority of Christendom. One group believes that an earthly millennium will come before Jesus returns in a time of great Tribulation. Thus today tribulation is delayed. The other group believes that they will be taken off of the earth before the Tribulation no matter when it is to come. Neither of these groups believe that what we see happening today is a danger to them.

But, Interestingly, we are fore the most part not as a body found engaged in this battle for various reasons, chief among them our eschatological (end time) views.

My question then involves both the church and the world. The world is quickly buying into the idea that global warming or the green new deal, and build back better is the answer to the biggest threat to humanity, which is seen as the destruction of the earth by humans. Does this belief coupled with a church not willing to engage evil give evil the freedom to advance in these days.

The following two Articles outline for you what is happening to advance globalism today. The events of the book of the Revelation are taking shape today, and for the most part without the opposition of a unified church. In And Then The End Shall Come, I had attempted to prove the unity of the church to come about during the coming Tribulation. How quickly will all of this progress? Our resistance to it is its most powerful enemy.