In August I wrote this in response to an e-mail that I had received. The intent of that email was an attempt to put a guilt trip on me, which seems to be the M.O. of the Biden voter. Here was my response:

You know (NAME REMOVED), until your leader does something about the immigration, where he is allowing — last month 210,000 into the country with many (probably most due to the way they are herding them together, at least most becoming spreaders) many being infected with CoVid as they come. Then sending these all over this country by the bus loads, with no concerns on his/their part, and apparently none on yours. Considering all this; then I could care less what you throw at us in the way of accusations simply because we are exercising our freedom of choice to be unvaccinated. Your attempt to make Ellen and I responsible for the current spread is ludicrous, when we (praise the Lord) have not even had a cold in the last 2 years.  I’ve given you very valid reasons, which you have never spoken to, for being skeptical of this CoVid treatment.

The truth is vaccinated individuals are still getting infected. All pro golfers are vaccinated, yet, some of them drop out each week due to a positive CoVid test. You keep touting the Fauci talking points, when you apparently have no idea of the profit motive that is driving him.  You admire and support him when you should be appalled at his actions. His being charged on the Senate floor with sponsoring “Gain of function” research in Wuhan is apparently completely lost on you, and I don’t understand why, because not only are you a big boy, but you are extremely intelligent.  

Yet, you overlook the sex trafficking trade made easy with these open borders. The drug flow made easy.

But not using our intelligence is something you and I will both be one day accountable for to God. 

You allow yourself to be influenced by those who do all that they can to destroy the reputations of their opposition. If they can’t completely cancel their testimony from the speech platforms, which continually block free speech; then they attempt to destroy them.  

Right now you seem to be loving the direction of this county’s leadership, because they are happy to allow your views to be openly expressed, but what you fail to see is that when someone else’s views are being suppressed and cancelled you actually are losing your freedom to one day offer peaceful decent against the actions of your government as well.  One day you will wish that freedom had not been lost. 

This was my reply, but nothing it seems, ever comes from the exchange of words. At least not for the intended recipients. Not without trusting God. So, we must do that, and additionally I share Dr Shiva’s site with you, not because I totally agree with his positions, but his methods of doing things to bring about change are worthy of consideration.