Allison Williams has stated it so well that I’ll not attempt to infringe on her testimony here. You need to watch it for yourself. But all of us are being asked to in some way sacrifice what we strongly believe, in order, to stop an unseen enemy, which at least at this point seems unstoppable by any medication or any vaccine.

Sometimes ones beliefs are all that will separate us from committing acts of atrocity against someone who at a given point in time appears as our enemy. Remaining civil in the process is often very difficult, and often it is our beliefs that make the difference in one’s becoming a terrorist Vs a martyr for what is right. Williams has not yet put her life on the line, because that is not where we are — not yet — in this battle for freedom to act on ones solidly held beliefs.

God granted to His world the freedom to choose, out of control governments, or organizations take away those rights. This country was founded mostly on the principal of protecting those rights.