Why? – well it seems forced vaccines are at least one reason. But shouldn’t we be proud of them for standing up for what they believe? And just why would healthcare workers be leery of vaccines? Perhaps it’s because they actually are able to think for themselves.

One of my good Christian friends today informed me how bad my choices are. For him everything is about the vaccine. Unfortunately he ignores the reality of our situation. His concern:

“Your choice. Our choices have consequences. Your logic is flawed but I’ve given up on trying to convince you of your invalid data, assumptions, rationale, or conclusions.”

Any article like the one I share with you today he just ignores. Truth is we are in deep trouble in this country. We are losing nurses, military personnel, and other healthcare workers in pharmacies and home-care around this nation. Of course that is just the tip of the problem. Small businesses, The airlines and police forces are all going through the consequences of this inept bunch in leadership.

We will all feel the consequence of the supply chain debacle. We are even seeing shortages in regular Perscription drugs. And then their is inflation.

If people don’t stand their ground with this government and they instead do as my friend with his one tracked mind; then we can kiss this once beloved country goodbye, and with it our futures.

4.3 Million American Workers Quit Their Jobs in August, Report Shows