New York is in process of instituting a military style take over of jobs, because they have created an infrastructure crisis with their vaccine enforced mandates affecting government workers. Most likely their own voters. They now know that they really don’t need the voter any longer in order to remain in power. They have complete control over the vote. The Arizona audit has proven this. But is it too late?

People will eventually rise up, with the potential to further destroy society. That will all depend on the way in which the uprising occurs. Our country is presently being taken over by a totalitarian government, and the vaccinated are largely buying into the narrative that the unvaccinated are the actual destroyers of the society.

Ironically the unvaccinated are largely Trump supporters, which proves that they are also the thinkers in our society. Remember it was Trump who allowed and encouraged the push through of this unproven shot. If we were just following Trump we would have all gotten the shot, but that’s not the case — why? It has to do with the truth surrounding Fauci’s reign, and the evil that he has engaged. His ties with gain of function which put us here where we are today.

As you know I am rather negative when it comes to American governance, so when you here me say that there are still glimpses of hope on the horizon, you should want to investigate. So here is a clip that just might encourage you in some ways: