I know that most of you Christians, no matter your stand on what is happening in our country, and for what reason, still, you are praying that the country would move back toward your concept of what’s right. But have you considered that you yourself may be a key part of that move. We call it revival. But what revival entails is a decision on our part to put God’s agenda first in our own desires. To actually get on God’s side in the battle. Let’s face it when we oppose truth, we are opposing the Holy Spirit. We are opposing God. Yet many of us are opposing truth in our nations direction. I know that because there is much disagreement. Some of you that I hear from occasionally take great offense for what I stand behind in such things as what Sydney Powell is engaged in today. I hear you say that my standing with Powell is making me a proven lier (it’s tarnishing my reputation). It is injurious to the Christian. You bring this up because — she has been sued, and because no court will hear her case; then obviously she is a fraud.

I want you to consider that God has stated that surely mans sin will find him out. That applies in this matter of the goings on between Powell and Dominion. It applies to the Governments attempts to remove her law License. But God’s promise is about the end game. Things always look different in the midst of the battle, than what they do after the dust has settled. When David went out on the battlefield unarmored with nothing but a slingshot, you can bet that fear and doubt went through the hearts of most Israelites at that moment. I’m certain that some said “David is crazy”; or “David knows nothing of the truth or of the “science” of doing battle”. Some would not even watch what was happening. Some said “no way God is in this maneuver”. And so some of you are stating many of these things concerning Sydney’s entrance on this battlefield that is taking place for a similar future result for the USA, as was at stake for Israel at that moment in David’s time.

The outcome now, just as then, will not depend on you, but on God. But think about the joy and the exhilaration that comes with God’s confirmation to you —that your faith and discernment was firmly planted in God’s plan, and that your prayers were inspired by God, and not by His enemy. That your faith in God has proven that your inspiration is coming from within the proper spirit realm and not the worldly realm also inspired by a spirit. Think of what happens to you when it is coming from where the Holy Spirit and Angels are doing battle, and of when it is coming from where truth resides.

If you are operating in that realm, you are a bold warrior for God in this earthly realm.

Sydney Powell is such a warrior for God. She operates in the realm of God’s revelation of truth. Her actions are venerated by the truth they reveal.

But here is the punch line, and herein is the battle won or lost. When David presented the head of Goliath to the Israelites their reaction was to pursue the enemy through to victory. I am gravely concerned that most Christian onlookers today will not take up the battle. They will turn and head back toward the government as being their savior, and state that David never killed Goliath. And believe me (or not) God has already determined His actions based on our own.

Sydney’s battle continues. What about yours. You can hear of hers in this podcast: