They call this the cancel culture. Certainly it is not the America that most of us love and cherish. Some Christians knew that these days were coming for this earth and for mankind. But none of us expected it to happen this quickly or in this fashion.

We never expected that freedom could be so frivolously set aside by so many so quickly in favor of big government controls and “protections” — not when things were looking so good before CoVid and Biden. Some still don’t believe this is happening in a nation founded and fought for in order to rid itself of just such government elite control. We ignored the warnings. Today’s shared video points to the insanity of the politics when going forth with a sinister motive. Dr Kory following this presentation before congress did in fact catch CoVid and did well, but his having caught it, was a fact, then became a major reason to assist the powers involved in the rejection of seemingly all valid studies on prophylactic treatments that work just as well if not better than the vaccines in lessening the viruses impact, and without the critical in some cases side effects produced by the vaccines.

Dr Kory is only one of hundreds of Drs, asking why the CDC has for years recommended early treatment of the flu viruses; yet with CoVid they were really recommending no treatments until the patient was admitted to a Hospital. It is the protocols that have been killing CoVid patients.

This is Dr Kory before the Senate hearing on CoVid Treatment.