The question that we all must ask is — which side of this revolution are we on, and why?

Governments are now doing something with the total one sided cooperation of the news media, which has never happened before in America, but now it is happening. We are hearing of the massive cancellation of people, who speak out against the government narrative on CoVid; on election practices; on what is being taught in government run schools; on what is and is not being reported in the media; on what big businesses are doing, And we are forced to ask why is this happening? There are only two possible answers, and both lead to the same conclusion.

Either there is a high level manipulation of Governments causing them to act as they are, with the use of fear tactics; or there is a mad cow type human mind control disease causing a very large part of the population to be such a threat that it must be silenced at all cost, because this group of infected people has a message that will be if allowed out, so damaging to the human race that there will be irreversible damage done.

Just think people. The powers that be are using fear tactics for some specific reason, and either that reason is good or it is evil, but there is no denying that these tactics are originated by those in high places in Governments around the globe. Just consider the tactics themselves being employed through fear.

There is the Fear of CoVid and ones resulting death; then the Fear of the unvaccinated; there is the Fear of losing your job or income or your reputation if you question anything that those in power are either doing or allowing to be done, which lends itself to being questioned.

You must arrive at one of the two conclusions, because the happenings are real on the part of those in power over Government and Media, and even big business is involved. For it is these powers who have created the fears outlined, and therefore one of the two reasons for there creation must certainly be true. Either there is a conspiracy on the part of leaders to control us through fear for some sinister reason; or there is the need for leaders of Government, Media and Corporations to control the message because the growing opposition is truly so dangerous and so believable that to allow it to be spread will mean the end of Governments and Monopolies in both News Media and Big Businesses, and that outcome will somehow lead to the destruction of society itself. It is just that dangerous, and therefore it must be stopped at all cost including the use of what might even be perceived as Communistic tactics of mind control. Why? Because no one will believe Government if these “lies”, which are more believable than “the truth” are allowed to be even considered. Here in this video is an example of what this Mad human disease, which must be stopped at all cost can do to people. Don’t miss this example, but please don’t consider it’s message, for to allow it to penetrate your mind will surely infect you with the disease.