Almost 5 years ago an unlikely figure entered the scene, and an opportunity was had for America to repent, and turn back to God. I will ask you — Did that happen?

In the days following this nation saw a call from God to return to Him, but though positive things happened, the nation did not repent. After 4 years of an effort to revive a country man’s hopes were still in man, and in particular one man.

The events of these days that we are in have revealed the results of a nations rejection of God’s offer to once again bless the nations of this world.

What Trump was as a man and what he was allowed by God to bring forth as His offer to the nation were two different things. Both what he was and what “He” offered through him, though conflicting, were rejected and revival was refused. And once again an election that was seemingly unloseable was lost. God knew, and we are seeing the result of a nation in rebellion against Him.

At some point, and we may not be far from it, His people will come to understand that we must come out of this world system and offer to those who will believe, the present hope and coming reality of His soon Coming Kingdom.

This world can only offer an alternative to God’s plan for it, but following the worlds way will only end in destruction.

It is my desire that the attached video of Jonathan Cahn’s message given 4 years ago, can help us see the things that need to be seen and understood in our time.