Have you noticed the trend. It’s been present now for several years. We learn of nothing that is actually truth from our news media. We only learn of what much later becomes acknowledged as the truth, from conservative internet sources. These sources are first demeaned by the weaponized media, where the public with complete trust and no discernment whatsoever; then buy their propaganda hook line and sinker. These internet source allegations of happenings, are then blown up (you might as well say) by the media with their atomic weapon called “conspiracy theory”.

It’s brilliant, but sooo sinister. The weaponized media uses their own conspiracy theory to blow apart the truth on an activity perpetrated by our government or by our leaders, and they do this by calling it “conspiracy theory”, and most people at that point simply stop listening. No one wants to be associated with a conspiracy theory.

You don’t believe this is happening. Just listen to the following and then if you are still able to think, then do it, and you will see that this truth now admitted by the FBI was and is being handled in just the fashion outlined. It is only one of the many truths that have been handled in this same fashion that were attached to the conspiracy theory narrative surrounding election fraud which has now been proven as fact not fiction. So who was the real conspiracy theorist?