My wife has told me: “You’d better quite writing this blog; one day you could be considered an enemy of the state. I told her: “it’s probably too late to quite the way this government is changing. They already know everything about us, and we believers are in their eyes a real terror threat. For we in America really are no longer considered innocent until proven guilty. We are living in a country where individual freedom is no longer the goal of government for ordinary God fearing Americans. It seems only to be the goal for certain minority groups which trend liberal and in many cases prove to be anti christian.

This brief video provides some proof of that point. The rest of the proof is seen in the actions and non actions of government law enforcement agencies acting either in favor of or against its various politically motivated citizens groups. The tough stance has been for some time trending against right leaning political groups and in favor of even the most radical leftist groups.

There are I think at last count 32 genders who need to be protected and have their propaganda forced upon American children in our schools, for children who simply know no better. Yet it is no longer acceptable to hand out Gideon Bibles to these children.

It is ok to teach our children about the Muslim faith in the classroom, in the name of history and education, but not mention God in any other religious vein.

We have forgotten God in this country, and thus we have forgotten that our freedoms are God given. That means that men have begun once again to look to men, who are becoming despotic for their freedoms.