It is the middle of August, and already we have surpassed the record year we had in the year 2020. 2020 was a record year due to CoVid is my guess. Many people wanted to know it’s relevance (if any) to Bible prophecy.

The fact is that CoVid is stirring many to think about the time in which we live. Blogs like this one can reach people for our Lord. People are discovering that not all men operate with the good of their fellow man in mind or in their hearts. In fact to believe that all men and women are God’s children goes completely against God’s teachings in scripture. This blog also discusses why that is. There are over 1400 articles posted here. Please take further advantage of more of these and please share them with others whom you think may benefit.
Thanks again for making this outreach successful. And remember it’s all free, we ask for no donations of any kind. God has blessed Ellen and me, and we want to draw others to Him, and if you already know Him intimately, then we just want to help you to know Him even better. Touching lives for Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, who gave Himself for us, is our greatest work in this life.
Thank you for doing that and for helping me help others find truth.

More on site comments welcomed.