I’ve been watching. Do I feel good about what I’m seeing? Lindell has done a great job of getting his facts using experts, but he is a poor presenter. He needs to let his experts present their case. Some of this is happening, but not near enough.

I’m concerned that the information no matter how convincing will not be received by the legislatures and courts that really matter in order to have success. people are fearful because they are being threatened. This is so important because these folks are standing between our freedoms and our loss of this nation as we know it.

Those who are for our constitution and for the rule of law are opposing Soros and the elected officials that he has helped into office and they are doing this in order to protect our freedom. Somehow we must support these folks. The very least we can do is pray. We must demand a forensic audit in all states. We can watch OAN news station, and do to them what they are doing to us. Cancel them from your TV viewing.

Only one station is carrying this live. THANKS OAN.