Proverbs 13:20

The fool is someone who does not learn from the past.

Have you even considered just what is happening to your world? Today we are effected more and more by an outside force which most consider to be their protector. So much so that society is tempted to do irrational things because their protectors encourage such behavior.

Fear is the tool of the tyrant. But to become effective in control over others one must slowly ramp up the fear. If I tell you the horrors of hell you may initially come to fear hell, but you soon see that hell has no immediate impact on your life, so the fear Diminishes. It is not that the fear is not rational, but that the fear has no imminent consequence.

So men who would subject others must utilize fear more effectively. If they can accomplish their task effectively there will be a desired result. They will be able to gain hopefully more and more control over more and more in a society. For example, a tyrant will know when his actions have become effective. It will occur when he is able to cause humans in mass to become fearful over an enemy, which is only able to destroy less than 1% of its people at best to the point where those masses are willing to be injected with a shot that has little chance of alleviating the fear that has produced the need for the shot. Yet those masses are willing to multiply and project their fear onto those who are thinking rationally.

They further know that their methods are working, because the segment of the population impacted by the initial fear have turned in their minds what is irrational into a new standard of rationality. And they are effectively causing others to question their own rationality. To the point that they are seeing those who were once opposed to what still seems to them to be irrational, but even these are now adopting this new rationality.

Luke 7:35. Wisdom is proven right by all her children.

Wisdom aligns itself with what is rational. Wisdom looks at a thing to be feared not from just its immediate potential, but also in its overall potential. Wisdom tells us to consider hell in our decision making, where our beliefs and actions will steer us away from that end. If accepting the shot were for example as effective against CoVid, as accepting Jesus is against the penalty of hell; then by all means take the shot.

Attached is a link which might help you better understand the methods of tyrants and their subjects reactions: