We are now understanding thanks to many investigative types and truth tellers that CoVid is a manufactured bio-weapon. We are learning why it has been researched and funded by Fauci in cooperation with the CCP.

We don’t know exactly why there is so much opposition to truth these days other than to think that it must be a spiritual blindness similar to what was present in Russia and Germany and every other country at the time of their falling under the influence of evil.

It is somewhat difficult to understand just how a country such as the USA could become so blind when we have churches as plentiful as service stations in this land. It is even more difficult to understand how a news media could become so opposed to truth, unless we also chalk it up to a spiritual blindness as we also must do with the direction of the Democratic Party within its leadership, and these are followed too closely by the Rhinos from the Republican Party.

But one thing is certain when a country abandons truth it is abandoning God, and it is no different for the many churches around the country. Because the church is to be the tool of the Holy Spirit to being forth the country’s conscience. When the word of God ceases to be the constant controlling truth in the church, then is it any wonder why the society fails?

Today’s shared articles are below: when Israel became dissatisfied with God’s provision and plans for her, she began to complain. Today even the leaders and the rich are complaining about the prosperity granted in the American way of life. Today the things of Satan and his ways of sin are more desired than God and the ways of the scriptures.

See the following WHO whistleblower explain where they seek to take us. Followed by Col. Sellin.