What a joke: this President’s word means nothing. So, I post this in honor of an unnamed, (but he knows who he is), Christian friend, who voted for this mess that we now have, and this friend also had the gull to let me know of his decision to abandon the Republican Party and become a Democrat; because he believes in the rule of law. So I also say to him “how ironic”. This your chosen administration has no ability nor any desire to uphold the law, or the constitution of this country, but they certainly have every intent of making the most fundamental of change to the USA turning her into the Socialist Communist Democratic Republic of America with very limited freedoms for all but a certain few.

Now read what your President wanted to do and weep over it with other patriotic Americans, or not. But I’m almost certain, (but hoping that I’m wrong), that you, unnamed, based on your past decisions will agree with this attempted abandonment of our constitution by these Democrats in order to make us more like Biden’s Chinese Communist Friends, or should I say handlers. Thankfully the US Supreme Court has finally done something with our Constitution in mind.