Israel and the Palestinians are actually cousins. So on what do we blame the Middle East conflict. If you said sin, then you are more intelligent than The US State Department; than The US main stream media; than The Democratic Congress; than The Harris/Biden Administration (sorry can’t resist quoting Biden himself). This country is just beginning to know the result of unconfessed unchecked sin. Repentance is only requested today of those white Believers, who have already repented, and is no where in site for the the rest of societies thus far unrepentant. Sin results in an increased evil in the land.

I am so glad that things are so much better in this world now; than when Trump was in charge of our state department. And remember we are only a bit over the first 115 days of Harris Biden. I’m Sooo happy that we are no longer in the hands of white racism in America.

Do we still have race problems here? — absolutely. When the only lives that matter belong to one color of skin; then one would see color a problem. But when ones political position cancels out ones skin color making his “race” null and void.; then racism is not the problem, but rather freedom of speech is a problem; and discrimination against one ideology over another is a problem, but not racism. If one chooses to cancel persons rather than sin in society; then the society will crumble no matter what race one may be or claim.

Allowing for crimes, such as, murder, rape, drug pushing, thievery, drunk driving, etc; while destroying the right of others to contend against the destruction of society caused by these sins will lead to the destruction of society itself. Destroying the voices raised against the Communist coup of the left is the end game. And that is precisely where we are headed.

I continue to hear that the military is really in charge in this country and that we need not worry, after all the military is sworn to uphold the constitution. I hear that, Trump put in good leaders, and he did, but today they too are being removed as it was during Obama’s reign.