No, I’m not going to tell you that Tribulation’s time is definitely close; although it could be. So, I’m not going to tell you that it isn’t either. God knows the when. He gave us signs to watch for in determining that time. He has heard the prayers of His people. He has considered the condition of this nation and a world created by Him. He knows what is coming next because He sees the end from the beginning.

He is the timeless One (no beginning and no end). He is the eternal One. How He intervenes in our affairs is (I believe) dependent on our free will actions as His people, and on His Judgment and His intervention when He sees fit on a world which is changing in its ability to hear from Him. As to what will bring about the consummation of prophetic events only He knows.

Those events recorded in scripture let us see how things will eventually work out for those totally trusting and accepting of His will. They are recorded there because of God’s foreknowledge of how this will all work itself out for each as the age comes to its end, and His kingdom is established.

The events are not orchestrated by Him, but neither can they change from what is recorded in His word, because to have that happen, would be impossible since God is the all knowing One.

His word tells us that men with plans of there own will live to see them fail. He laughs at their derisive behavior against Him and against His people. He warns His own of the need to endure. He warns of the deception that will abound in days similar to our own, and of our need to be walking in His Spirit in order to possess discernment.

The armor to fend off the Satanic events of the evil day are necessary to our walk. The Holy Spirit is our commander as we face this battle. A willingness to be taught and instructed by Him is of utmost importance. Prayer is our source of attaining what we need to sustain us. Hope is our strength, why hope, because everything we ask is not going to happen; therefore we must know the end and maintain our faith within the parameters of what is hoped for, and to that end. Without hope faith will fail us. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for.

In order for faith to remain strong we must walk in God’s Spirit. He is within us to reinforce our hope. That walk brings forth in our minds the promises upon which are produced the faith to endure. Because of our knowing that things hoped for are coming only through God’s promises to us.

We are not to offend the Holy Spirit, nor are we to be offended by the things which come upon us. God will provide grace for us who are present in the last days of this age. Grace is given us to endure whatever may come upon us. Go forth in love, in His peace; and in His strength, reinforced by His Word.

Jesus will reign on this earth, and we will reign with Him.