If I hear “trust the science” one more time from the Progressive liberal Social genera, who want no knowledge of God’s purposes for His creation, I think I’ll puke.

Early on when I heard of this Corona virus in China, I told my somewhat immune deficient wife Ellen, who is the love of my earthly life, that we will stay home once we hear that there is one identified case in our county, at least until we know more of its impact. Our area is a heavily populated area. It was then that I began my journey into the study of facts surrounding its effects and eventually its prevention. I have always been a believer in social distancing from communicable disease such as flu and colds. If I have a bad cough I don’t attend functions where I can spread my germs. If I know of someone who is coughing and sneezing attending a function, we keep our distance. Social distancing at those times is not only prudent for us, but it is a common courtesy to others. Both myself and Ellen have stayed basically healthy over this time period by using this same action for whatever CoVid really is — as a result not even a cold.

My own research said be outside as much as possible. Vitamin D is a good healthy measure against any respiratory disease. The Masks that we put on will do you no good against the catching of a cold or of this virus or other viruses. Social distancing does. I play golf 3 times a week — no mask, and as stated not even a cold sense late February of 2020, when all this began to be heard of, and when we actually began social distancing from crowds.

We do eat out. We put on the mask to walk in the restaurant, then take it off. We are now going to church. I see once in a while a person wearing the mask even between bites in a restaurant, as if the mask is their savior. Jesus is their only savior. They need to find Him.

There is an epitome of stupidity and it is found in today’s liberal progressive brand of “science”, which if you notice never really changes with the data. It only is what they want it to be. We know what this is all about, unfortunately it will eventually cost us even more than now, if we do not fight it (and as we are seeing if we do fight it, it will cost us a lot) — we must however fight it now. This article below will tell you what real scientists think, and why.


The second is how one man is fighting but at great cost:


Jobs are being lost, but is a job today more important than a forced unwanted job accompanied with no freedom in tomorrows world where your younger loved ones may be living?

Search for the truth. And when you find it stand firm upon it. Jesus is our only salvation in this world. Men today attempt to twist every truth even science unto their own understanding. Jesus has asked us to abide in Him even when no one else will join us.