When Dr Reiner Fuellmich of Germany is asked about his litigation against the persons who have, according to him, used intimidation of governments with false PCR tests, in order to lock us down in order to bring about the Great Reset he says:

“There’s no other way (than Litigation). However, there is no taxpayers money anymore. We’re talking about printed money. We know that the ECB is broke. We know that because the ECB promoted zero interest rates most pension funds are broke and it’s only a matter of time until this comes out into the open and the general public understands this, but this problem cannot deter us from holding those people who are responsible liable in the courts of law. We will have to take power very soon. Us as the people of the resistance, so to speak, and hopefully many of the victims of this scam too, we will have to take control because we will have to keep the other side from getting rid of our currencies and then issuing electronic currency to those people who are in line. That’s why we’re going to have to act very quickly, but the fact that the only way to make people whole again and paying them through taxpayers money cannot deter us from going after the people who are responsible. There’s no other way. We’re all going to be dead more or less, either economically or really if we don’t do anything and let these people take control over us.”

Yes, — This is just how serious our times have become. I don’t know if Reiner is speaking from a purely societal construct, or from a religious construct, or from both; but he is correct — time is running out. We are headed if our enemies are not stopped, into a very dark period of history, one, which the Bible has labeled the end of the age.

You can watch or read the full interview with Reiner here:

Dr Reiner Fuellmich PCR Lawsuit Update – March 2021

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