This video attached below is not real yet, as it’s producer says, but… But the AI technology and the mind set is real in many people who’s ideas are coming forward in our government. They just want to cancel out the “evil” they see today, which to them is mainly contained in the “hate” of the Christian religion, an “antiquated” move, which stands in political opposition to them. They see that evil in Christianity because it for the most part opposes most all of what they stand for as right in their view; and if there is a god he is nothing like the god of the Bible. In China, it’s the people who worship any god except their on exulted leaders. Man is god. Christians are under great persecution there as well as in other parts of the world today. We are so close to the day when it will be possible for Jesus’ words concerning man’s faith to be the reality of the time. Remember He had asked: “when I return will faith be found on the earth”. He also stated “endure” until the end. Technology and knowledge are moving today so fast that we are right in the middle of Daniel’s prophecy stating that in these last days men would run to and fro, and knowledge would be exploding. Jesus also told us that evil would be overtaking good as it was in lot and Noah’s day. Most good men do nothing in evil days. That’s how the days do so quickly become evil. Faith diminishes.

But this last day will be different some of us will be strong against Satanic influence. Men will defeat Satan with their witness and the power of the blood of the Lamb. Stand strong in Him dear brothers and sisters. Watch and you will perhaps realize how near we are to total insanity in the name of good. You will also understand why Jesus told John in the Revelation that the angels must seal the saints (God’s “bond servants”, before restraint will be released and destruction will come as this Spiritual war moves into its final phase.