Yesterday, I promised to address Bob’s concern over politics where he states: “Many Christians seem to be distorting the gospel. It’s no longer “good news” but worldly, especially when used to “demonize” people who don’t share their narrow political agenda. It also seems that many Christians have embraced bizarre conspiracy theories (e.g. QAnon) which makes them appear to be kooks to rational unbelievers.”

Let me begin my answer by stating that there is that element within our biblical understanding of ourselves as believers, where we will be seen as fools for Jesus. Is this political behavior a part of that? At this point I’m just not sure, but should our agenda as Christians not involve calling sin sin? I assume by “narrow agenda” Bob means we stand against abortion for birth control, and against open borders, because we have a system of legal immigration, and it is damaging to societies even beyond our own. And we stand against gay rights legislation, because it is opposed to God’s plan for creation. He created them male and female. If we as His people don’t stand up for His word and the Law of our land, then who will?

As to belief concerning theories put out by Q. I haven’t followed Q. I have heard some of what he or she has stated concerning the state of Satanic involvement in our world, and I can’t vouch for his/her every thought, but I certainly agree that some things are progressing toward a NWO. Look up David Spangler the Director of the UN Planetary Initiative this paste will wet your appetite.

So, does this sound anything like the Bible’s book of Revelation? And yes Q includes speculation concerning these things, but not without some factual support. So should Christians oppose this NWO? My answer is yes, but certainly at the very least we should be aware that it is a plan of Satan, and there are those IN OUR WORLD IN OUR AGE, Who are now working on it.

I’m sending this to Bob and I’m inviting him to comment; to challenge my thoughts; and to clarify his position should he wish to do so.

Bob is a brother, sometimes brothers don’t see eye to eye as I stated yesterday. Sometimes there are miss-understandings. Our motives should always be pure. God knows them and He will judge them when they are not pure.

I’m going to post here a video which I believe helps us understand why we need to be involved politically to help our society understand God’s truth; whether His truth seems to be narrow in its agenda politically or not.