As I do on occasion I am again posting for your consideration an example of a pre-Trib message. What you should consider as you read it, are the facts missed in his examples, as well as, the contradictions to his own pre-Trib teaching. I’ll list some of these examples for consideration.

First consider that Ed does herein speak of signs concerning our Lord’s coming in what he calls the days of Noah and lot. Another sign he mentions is the soon to be, reconstruction of the Jewish temple? It could happen?

Yet pre -Trib teaching has always taught that there are no signs for the Rapture. This they claim due to the doctrine of the imminent nature of the Lord’s coming as a thief. This has been their teaching for the past 150 plus years. So now they are claiming that there are signs for the Rapture, Noah and Lot they contend depict the Rapture, yet then can they still reject other signs such as the coming antichrist and Tribulation using this same argument claiming imminent return, when they reject it to claim that Noah and Lot’s days are the days we are to look for, to culminate in the Rapture.

Secondly, according to them the days of Noah and Lot will bring the thief in the night coming followed by 7 years of destruction for the evil of the world. Is this perceived 7 year destruction actually what Noah and Lot’s days would imply? Would their days when they come not imply that there would be no evil survivors once Jesus has taken out His bride? Noah’s day is when evil is living in an extremely immoral but “normal” for them state, where there is still marriage, etc., but underlying all of that which for them and for their day is normal, is the inner turmoil caused by their sin, leading to a calling out by them for peace when they can have no peace. Their is no peace for man apart from Christ. So they are in darkness as to the destruction coming their way at the very time of Christ’s coming to them as a thief.

So does this teach that He comes as a thief to us? We must remember that Noah and lot were made aware of the coming destruction, but the unbelievers were in darkness blinded to what was coming; therefore just as we believers are today being made aware just as were Noah and Lot; then neither we nor they representing God’s people were or are in darkness concerning this coming day of complete destruction of evil from the earth.

Both Noah and lot were warned by God. For Noah he was to prepare his family and the ark as he witnessed to all who were inquisitive what was coming. For Lot, he was told to inform and bring his family for God was going to destroy evil men and their city. For both of these, once their departure was brought about total destruction fell. With Noah it was the ark that delivered him from the rising flood which destroyed all evil flesh left behind, and with Lot it was the angels dragging them out with warning, but with both total destruction ensues upon their departure, and this destruction was impossible to escape unlike what we see in the Tribulation.

If these are both signs of the Rapture, they do not tell the same story that Ed is telling in this post on Terry James blog. Here is his post for your consideration.

The Coming Calm – By Ed Wood