We all know the Bias in the liberal media, but finally one Judge makes the case. What he says is true, it is scary, it is revealing. Revealing in that it spells out the death of our nation where a free press results in an educated electorate.

Read his take and ask yourself on what point is he wrong? Then ask yourself will the country awaken? If you’ve noticed the supposedly stacked Supreme Court is no longer an issue with the Democrats. Why do you suppose that that issue has gone quiet? It certainly can’t be because the cases before it have resolved themselves in a conservative fashion.

We seem to have one party control not only of the media, but of the nations courts as well. That is even more scary when you consider the reasons behind it.

Social media over which you are still hearing (when not blocked) blogs such as my own is possibly the last resource for an alternate view relative to what is actually going on in a world going socialist.