Very informative, and sobering as to the relevance of what is happening in our time. One thought. Jan is always so positive that the church will not be present for this time of Tribulation that is rapidly approaching. But the listener to this should understand that Jonathan Cahn, who Jan quotes in her title above, is a believer in a post-Trib Rapture as am I. I have written two books on my reasons for leaving Dispensational Theology. This blog was established to allow you to research the reasons why. So I also have studied the various options for Rapture (“when”), and everyone especially today needs to understand the reasons scripturally why we may and I feel will see the Tribulation. God bless and God be with us all during this most difficult time, which is the age of mortal human rule on earth. Looking forward to our Lord’s coming.

Important info, don’t miss!

Jan Markell :”When the Smiles of Heaven Are Removed – Bill Koenig”