God is doing something, but what? Remember this is the day of confusion. I watched the video and it’s prophetic message attached here. In it, there certainly seems to be a message to us, by the prophet kim Clement, spoken as he was seeing what seemed to be our day our time. But we could ask: if God is going to perform such a miracle in our day such as the miracle others are speaking of; then one would think that it would somehow be foretold in scripture, but then not necessarily, because The United Stated herself has been one of God’s greatest acts upon the earths surface for the salvation of mankind, and of her is told almost nothing concerning her acts as this great country in the prophetic scriptures.

So Kim’s prophecy could be for us, but it is different it is not specific as some others. It could need interpretation. It could even cause confusion in our own minds and it could be the undoing of some.

The key for us is in knowing our times and seasons. For if we truly are in those last days events recorded in scripture, then all that we are told on the pages of scripture about these times is wrapped up in something very different. This is a day when men’s hearts will fail them. A day of confusion. These days are spoken of as days when men are falling away and they are having itching ears, wanting to hear what would bring them satisfaction. We here in scripture of churches, within which are some, who are called upon by Jesus Himself to overcome. We hear of the loosing of Satan; then the binding of Satan; and we here John saying even so come Lord Jesus. And we hear Jesus warn us saying do not be deceived. Then He says men will come to you in my name saying I am the Christ, deceiving many. Then He sends His Angel saying come out of her my people. The days of man’s rule on this earth as mortals are numbered as surely as the days of the evil one are numbered. Leaders are fearful for what they see coming upon this earth. We are told that the days are shortened for the sake of the elect. This is a day for you my brothers in Christ to stand on the only foundation that is solid and true. Be not deceived God is not mocked what He says that He will do. He will do it. But what is it for our day? We must stand firm and watch the glory of our Great God even as it is revealed. Satan and the Demons know that their time is short. Crooked politicians can feel the urgency to do all to protect themselves. Something is in the air, it is not good for evil, but it is the salvation of the earth for God’s people. Hide yourself in Him while the storm passes over. Overcome Satanic forces with His name, and His blood, and fear not even the losing of your life for Him.

Lord God we need your wisdom. Holy Spirit of God lead us into your truth (all truth) concerning what we are to believe and experience concerning this our own day on this earth, and what it will bring, we pray this in the name of Jesus, the NOW resident King on the throne of David, and soon to bring His wrath and His glory upon the earth. Keep us oh Lord from the confusion, which You have told us of, and which we see in abundance in this our day of Your workings upon the face of this earth to make all things new. HAVE MERCY ON US AND UPON EVEN OUR ENEMIES, so as to if possible save some from the fires of hell.

Now listen and pray:

Here is the message. Is it truth? Or is it more confusion leading us to be pointed to the confusing day in which we live. Again I will only say believe it to be God only as it comes to pass, but do not be disappointed in your Lord if it does not happen according to your expectations. God’s will be done. He alone is worthy of your praise.