I just viewed this 2 hour presentation by experts on our election. The narrator, Mike Lindell is not the polished individual that I would have picked to do the questioning/commentary, but ignoring his unpolished delivery, still both are very appropriate. .

The question now is — can this information be allowed by the obviously evil network of officials in our government? — those who are obviously so entrenched that they have been able to control this narrative, and keep this information quiet, so far, keeping it from those very agencies needed to actually do anything about it.

What Mike may fail to understand in his exuberance, is that those who have attacked him as well as most of these experts, actually must have no fear for, most likely, very good reason. Trump obviously knew all of this same information but could not be heard concerning it even as the President.

This is obviously also the information that Sydney Powell and Lin Woods had, but no one would allow it to come out. Why? The answer may be too frightening for us to consider. Could it be that we are done as a world in God’s eyes. I’m going to share this video, but as I’ve said all along when sharing on this subject, this can only help if God wants the course of the world changed. What I do know based on my studies of scripture is that at some point this world does fall into the hands of an Antichrist system much like what we are currently seeing in place. God help us all, and may He bless us individually, and strengthen us for the work He has for us individually until He comes.

Make sure you click on the blue “home” button below to get into the video. There has been a problem with this video being periodically taken down. It is currently up, but if it goes down, please check back. I will try to keep a active link to it.