My own conclusion after reading and watching much about CoVid 19 is as follows:

We have taken what is a bat virus and manipulated that virus so that it will attach to man. It was then released either accidentally or on purpose. I tend to accept the latter theory, because of the other things that man is also manipulating because of having it brought forth onto this world’s population. The key in my estimation to the latter understanding is the “man” in “man-ipulation. It is further my understanding that it when considering it as a threat is proving to be on equal footing with the flu virus, at least when considering it as a cause of death within the overall population. This fact is also in my humble opinion another reason to accept the latter argument that I have embraced.

So if this be true, why then the rush by “man” to rid ourselves of this virus? Several reasons are possible. The first is plausible – “man” (there is that creature again) will prophet from it. Another plausible theory — certain of “man” kind wish to depopulate the earth, and a third is also in line with this thinking and also plausible — “man” may well be supercharging the virus potentially making it much more dangerous, than it already is by using a vaccine which is known to cause more death once the virus is contracted. It is almost certain that the vaccine is not making the virus less deadly.

It is evident that the deep state in cahoots with the world Elite are infecting the CDC and FDA as well as the world health protective agencies in many countries in order to do something. But what is it that they seek to do? Is man really capable of actually doing what I just stated to be plausible? Is there any other explanation for the fact that “man” is present in the word manipulate? The fact is that man does attempt to manipulate his surroundings. Man with too much power at his disposal can and does attempt all sorts of evil. Is this occurring? Many of us are betting that it is, and we will not take this vaccine.

If you have taken this vaccine you now must be doubly on guard against coming in contact with this virus for several more months, and you should hope and pray that the adverse effects known to be present in this vaccine will wear off over time. It certainly is proven in past testing that this virus is now potentially even more deadly to you.

If you have not taken it; then you will want to think twice before you do. Do your own research. That is always a wise decision. And when you research please don’t just listen to and read what supports your current thinking. That could lead to what might be referred to as a self manipulated mind set. And you after all are a part of “man”kind.