America At war

OTo Gomes & RDS on 6 January & Beyond: USA At War with NATO

Robert David

Make sure that you after clicking on above link, scroll down to the following video that is ONLY pictured here below.

Watch this Video. Is it just false hope for those who have a desire to see corruption in America abated for the next generation? Or is it all about to be exposed? Gods word says to evil: be sure your sins will find you out. Is this a promise that we can’t pray to happen now in our nation? Dare we hope, or do we need wait for Jesus to come in order to see this evil exposed. Many of the enemies of God’s gifted freedom are telling us that God is not behind the Trump movement to expose evil. That he himself along with us are the true evil. Are they right? No, but do we need wait until the judgment to see evil exposed for what it really is? Or is God about to say: vengeance is Mine saith the Lord? We can only hope that the evidence is allowed by our Father to come out now. Continue praying. And thank you Jake S. For sending us this link.

Forgive the language at the end.