What happened Thursday will change America more than we think. A Republican Congress who before ANTIFA led an infiltration of the Capital Building during the Trump rally, immediately thereafter turn against all Trump supporters and Trump himself.

This will have lasting ramifications. Trump voters will abandon the Republican congressmen. They have seen that votes mean little to both Democrats and now to Republicans as well; so they will not get the votes of most Trump supporters. 75,000,000 people will either not vote or only vote for Conservative constitutionalists. Lindsay Graham’s political career is now in deep jeopardy, as are those like minded Republicans.

If they think that 75 million plus — meaning those additional people who’s votes were transferred to Biden by the crooked computers, don’t understand; then these congressmen don’t understand much, and they had better think again.

We need a new Conservative party. This would not only appeal to the Trump supporters, but also to Democrats who are conservative. We need candidates who are not just Lawyers but many who are Doctors, and Businessmen as well.

ANTIFA planned how they would make Trump supporters look bad. Trump failed in that he did not warn before hand of this plan. It was known. And now the American Democratic media has run wild with the accusations that all Trump supporters are of the ANTIFA mind and action set.

Now is the time to organize. Write those in your state who are conservative politicians, and tell them if they want another vote from you that they need to organize in a different party at the State and National levels.

Will this happen? — no. But the rest concerning Trump supporters rebelling likely will, and likely that means the death of America. But that is Biblical after all. Isn’t it?