Both Democrats are now projected winners in Georgia’s Senate races. From Politico: “Warnock thanked the more than 2 million Georgians who voted for him in a message that hinted of a victory speech.

“We were told that we couldn’t win this election, but tonight, we proved that with hope, hard work, and the people by our side, anything is possible,” Warnock said. “So Georgia, I am honored by the faith that you have shown in me. And I promise you this tonight: I am going to the Senate to work for all of Georgia.”

This victory by one who has been openly in favor of communism says much about our country using a spiritual analysis. God has been ruled out as the focus of faith for more than half the people in What is known as a red state.

But you say: “is this man not a preacher? “ He is a false prophet. He has been accepted as true, and that should scare you. His God is not the Biblical Trinitarian God. His rise is further evidence of the power of a liberal education system in the public domain (education and media) within this country. This turn from faith in God will eventually lead to the fall of the country, and it will be seen probably sooner than we can imagine as man has turned from faith in the true savior of mankind.

Is their then no hope? There is always hope. Blessing comes from God when men turn back to Him. There is no evidence that we love God more than we love the world system. That condition (the condition of the heart motivation) is known by God, and eventually becomes known to us as we observe the fruit bringing about the fall. When man replaces his love and duty to God with his duty to a world system opposed to God he will be brought down.

I had said in the past that we would know if revival has come within the church in America by the outcome of this election. We are there as a nation, right on the brink of following the world. The world is leading us to a prophesied Tribulation. God may have other plans?

Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame [and] conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, for they did not love their life [and] renounce their faith even when faced with death. (AMP)

You individually can still come to our savior. He is searching for those of a contrite heart. Revival can still occur in the US.