Theory is built upon facts. Conspiracy is proven by facts, yet when we through the two words together we are told that we are idiots, for believing the facts that we have. Jesus says: you have eyes to see but you do not see, you have ears to hear but you do not hear.

So back to my question — why? If you are curious and take your curiosity to the logical level, you then become a fact finder —seeking for truth. So where am I going with this? I want to make a few observations using facts which in this case are observations of what is really happening, and then I will draw some conclusions about which you will be told fall in the arena of conspiracy theory.

Now as we have stated both conspiracy and theory are based upon facts, but upon facts that have not yet been accepted as truth by the world around us. Jesus says to us as Believers that we are not of the world. In fact He says come out from among them. Why? — well, partly because they have ears to hear, but will not hear. So here are some facts:

CoVid is real

We are told CoVid is deadly

We probably know or know of someone by now who has died of CoVid.

When one acquires CoVid they are sent home quarantined and in most cases given no treatment, but are told to take Tylenol. If they get worse they go to hospital.

When they get to hospital they in many cases are beyond seeing or receiving any benefit from the treatment.

Some Drs do up front treatment successfully with drugs that are not acceptable to the National authorities on medical treatment (FDA, CDC).

The President when he acquired CoVid was treated up front in hospital.

The president never became really sick as a result.

Others of the rich and famous have had similar experience. A couple have died (a former candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, and a newly elected Republican congressman). We need to know more about their treatment or lack thereof.

The media and the government authorities have never publicized the fact that CoVid has very effective early treatments, but instead they tell us just the opposite.

The testing being done gives many false positives and negatives we are told.

Testing and contact tracing goes on at extremely high rates in the free world, and especially here in America.

A vaccine for CoVid viruses has been attempted but never before been successful in development. The animal trials fail.

We have now been successful in less than one year in the development of not one but three and possibly four different vaccines.

We have much of the country in lockdown even though we have successfully identified effective treatments for CoVid.

We are wanting 90% of the country vaccinated with a yet scientifically unproven vaccine while all along demanding that we follow the science.

We know that the progressive scientific community believes in population control — if we do not get a handle on population increase we are faced with disaster.

There was recent testimony, which I posted that took place before the Pa Legislative body suggesting that these vaccines for CoVid all possess ingredients, which caused prior trials for previous vaccines which were attempted on prior strains of CoVid to fail in the animal phase of the trials.

One final fact — there has been given the drug companies total immunity for liability for each of the vaccines produced.

So tell me with these facts or truths can there be developed a theory concerning a conspiracy which may just be provable in time using the scientific method?

So let me pose to you that there is something very strange going on here. We can understand that the government and the media did not want things to get better before the election. Our theory then was because they wanted to be rid of Trump.

But why after Trump is supposedly defeated does the CoVid playing field not change. Well maybe it is because Biden is not yet inaugurated? Actually there are a lot of maybes here and perhaps that is why a theory for conspiracy is not fully developed yet.

Here is another maybe: Trump has taken credit for the rush through of the vaccine. What if knowing that these vaccines will cause serious problems in certain individuals, Trump is their trump card in case he miraculously pulls out this election, then they could impeach him for his involvement in this rush to vaccinate.

Here is another maybe: what if the rumors are correct about the vaccines having a chip or nanotechnology which will serve some sinister purpose? Certainly no one would want us to know that the treatments that are so effective do actually exist, because no one would then get the vaccine.

I admit that this is right now only speculation, but you must admit that the facts that I have presented are real. They are happening or have happened and that makes them true as far as each goes. Just where they might lead is still unproven, but it certainly makes one very uncomfortable.

If you are completely confident that none of this has any meaning then I have a bridge that I’d like to sell you.

Right now I plan on seeking immediate treatment through my Dr should I develop even a cold. I am not comfortable to go beyond that. Not for at least the next 5 years, not until after the 5 year trials are complete which are occurring right now on the vaccinated people of the world.