And thank you for your participation in 2020.

This year many will say was in many ways the worst year of our lives. It has been a tough year. But what we know is that when things are at their toughest God is at work. The hits on our nation and the worlds population have been at their highest possibly since WWII, in some ways politically since our inception as a nation, and so the hits on this end time blog have also been at it’s highest level since our inception. People are seeking for truth. We may have a difficult time at times discerning that truth. But God by His Holy Spirit has promised to lead us there. Sometimes we may stray from it, but if we are diligent in our seeking we will arrive. “Seek and you shall find”.

The world map below reveals from where we are receiving readers of this blog. The top country viewing our site as one would think is the USA with 9232 viewers, followed by Canada with 2620, but as you can see we have had viewers from across the globe, even from China and some African countries.

Again I want to thank you for sharing the site. Last night Ellen and I watched “A Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart. I couldn’t help but realize that you and I through this blog have touched many lives just as George Bailey did in that film. You obviously have been sharing the messages found here with others, and thereby we are making a difference. God’s truth is needed perhaps as much as it ever has been. Thank you for sharing in this. And thank some of you for keeping me straight when I get off balance.

Words are powerful. It’s not my truth nor your truth which matters, but God’s.