The attached pod cast is a must hear. Amazing commitment and courage by I hope many more like L. Woods. Thanks for sharing Jake. Only one thing I would take exception with that Woods said, and it concerned the last question and Lin’s answer. He stated that America is the shining light and God will not let her fall. I know what he meant. But Jesus is that light, we his church are to allow Him to shin through us, and Biblically speaking it will most likely be the fall of America one day (hopefully not in these days), which will lead to His return. We the church I believe as he states here are praying and I believe God hears us, but I must confess with John the Revelator if the fall is necessary in order to see Jesus come in His kingdom; then even so come Lord Jesus. This is a must watch. Click on the link:

Fireside Chat With Lin Wood- Episode 3 | Shining a Light on the Truth About Chief Justice Roberts, Joe Biden, Obama, the Clintons, Bill Gates, Mike Pence, & more