Today I sat in church listening to our pastor telling a true story of a Cambodian family, she of Royalty he an average guy who married into that Royalty, and then rose to high position in the government. Then came Pol Pot and they fled to America with nothing. I suddenly had a thought, I can’t be sure that it was God? But, — When America falls, where will you flee?

What was surreal was the suddenness of this realization. Never before would I have had even an inkling of a reason to think that there was even that possibility. Then I wondered was the sudden realization similar at some point for others in the past who lived through the fall of their own nation? But what I felt was also different because never before have we in this modern world been in the position where the sole power and leader of the world is turning from an ideal of freedom for all and the rule of law where everyone is supposed to be governed the same under those laws, to a world where the emerging elite of the world including the governing class in America herself would see themselves as beyond the laws that they create for the people they increasingly look down upon.

With no place to flee, the battle takes place right here where we are, and it is right now upon us.

With no place to go God’s people, I among them, have cried out for a miracle, or else perhaps many have ignored what is happening just as Christian’s in Germany did in the days of Hitler’s rise.

We have watched Fox support for Trump wain, as we turned to Newsmax and OAN News, and now there are cracks appearing on those fronts.

Will there be a miracle. Certainly if there is to be one it will be preceded by near hopelessness. God cannot receive full credit unless there is so little hope on our own natural front. In order for Lazarus to be raised from the dead there had to be the presence of and the evidence of death. Weeping from loved ones, and stench in the grave. This is when Jesus shows up. We think that it’s our great faith that brings Him, but that would not be a miracle from Him but we would take that credit. God is our savior, not Trump, not our prayers, but Him alone. Abide in Him.