And do those having Power to bring that about also have courage to proceed?

And if so has God made it clear that we also must do our jobs before Him in order to secure success.

First I want you to consider just what does success and failure look like for us? This is not about winning an election, it’s about the direction for our nation. We can readily see that Biden is headed in a direction for America that leads us toward a Socialist future. That basically means the end of democracy and freedom for religion and speech. But what’s new, for we have been headed in that direction at a fairly rapid pace certainly since the Regan years, possibly Since FDR, and at rapid speed with Obama/Biden.

In the past before this election we examined our choices; now we are in the middle of the choices available due to outright fraud. Things are beginning to turn in favor of constitutional success.

I have stated before that if this election is to be overturned it will take a miracle. So what has God done? You already know most of it, if not all; but think about what went into the timing here, and think of just when timing wise the Democrats have seen fit to willingly commit these gross acts of fraud. And then you will see that God has set in motion the makings of a miracle awaiting only courageous patriots to take action.

1. There is a constitutional Supreme Court that has not existed in any recent Decade.

2. There are five swing states where Republicans are in control of the congress in each of those States, and where each has the final say should they deem it necessary to step in to either overturn or confirm this election. It is in these States that Fraud was perpetrated in mass.

3. There is a US House of Representatives which was supposed to gain even more Democratic control so as to be in sufficient numbers to defeat Trump in any action brought before the House of Representatives to determine the future President. No more is that true!

4. There has been an overwhelming number of patriots both Democrat and Republican willing to show courage in the face of evil and to stand up against it when they saw a gross amount of fraudulent actions occurring in these same states.

Now it will take at each step of this process courageous men and women in order to bring about what millions of Christians are praying for.

Our part then is to not lose faith in this miracle. Pray for these individuals involved. Beyond this election, what might these same state legislatures do to see that this does not happen again? It may be that delegates within the states be distributed according to population or territory, much as it is within the country, with delegates assigned to each of those territories; otherwise voting systems must be made secure at the State level. In this Republic the popular vote was never intended to decide the President.

God bless us His people, and God bless America.