My Commentary: If this is true, then surely they know that the Supreme Court will rule against the changes made through the courts not the legislature of these states. So what is their real reason? They want 4 more years of claiming the illegitimate Presidency of Donald Trump through their bought and paid for illegitimate news media. Once they regain power they will then pack the courts. Then it is game over for freedom and free elections where the people actually decide the election. Should they win this election through the courts and secure the Senate as a result of a victory in Georgia’s Senate run off; then it will happen this year that the rule of law is done in America. Legislation through the courts is anathema to the US Constitution. Pray as you never have before.

One of the top lawyers in Bush v. Gore says the onslaught of lawsuits filed by Democrats this election year is a “nationwide coordinated effort” to attack
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