This is a day when believers are all over the place in their thinking. What is important to them is defined in so many different ways. Most of them I see tossed about on the sea of life, which is now raging about us. They know that things have changed for them but they know not why. They seek for truth in the many voices, but most fail to hear God.

Christians so often block the very thought that God, who has so blessed them could be in the storm which has made their world topsy turvy. We have not seen, nor have we wanted to see the battles that raged in our past to win the freedoms that we took for granted in a country that fought for God’s freedoms and justice for all. And somehow we lost sight that there was a different battle and forces were at work to slowly tear down what others had fought to give us.

Recently many have awakened to the hearing of the battle trumpet, but it’s sounding has come very late. The enemy has already penetrated the walls heretofore thought to be impregnable. Many of our warriors have grown old and their armor is in need of repair. Others have never ordered their armor, they never thought that they would need it here. Some have never even assembled their shield. The handle is not secure, and where did they put the bolts to secure it. Their sword is not sharp. It shows signs of rust, it hasn’t been wielded in some time. But the helmet, yes that is secure, but will it protect me from this onslaught of the enemies darts?

The battle cry is sounding from the watchman on the wall, and it is not even recognized by most. They have never heard such a thing before. But it is real. Evil has stormed across the nation. It is time to stand firm in your faith and to enter the fray. Pray as you have not done before.