What does it mean? — every vote must must count. There are legal votes and there are illegal votes. They must be dealt with accordingly, or else we have become Russia — forget Russian collusion.

The very hypocrites who have touted Russian collusion for four years are the true subverters of the vote. No ones vote really counts in a rigged election. It was fine, according to hypocritical thinking to call Trump’s 2016 election a steal; but to then do whatever it takes to steal it back is perfectly ok to these frauds.

The only way they could attempt to convince us of a steal in 2016 was to attack the constitutional electoral college as being illegitimate. Then to fake Russian collusion. But they want us to back off when hundreds of thousands of Trump votes disappear to become a few thousand fraudulently tainted votes in Democratically controlled jurisdictions in Biden’s favor.

If anyone is truly allowed to actually steal an election then it will continue. This is and should be every voters fear, because the end does not justify the means. Evil is then in control and will bring down freedom. You must consider the consequences of a fraudulent win. If we as a people are willing to accept the exposed fraud existing in our system, then we will deserve the enslavement imposed upon us.

Shame on you “Christians” who ignored your God given right to vote for or against righteousness, and who refuse to stand for it in this nations political environment. God’s gift to “we the people” means nothing to you.